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Winter Soldier

How much you wanna bet that the cis queer feminists that say shit like “Calling people transphobic for not wanting to date trans people is rape apologism” will also call men out for shallow or misogynistic reasons for why they won’t date certain women? They’re fine calling out oppression when it’s directed at them, but as soon as they’re the ones being oppressive they go right to demonizing the people they oppress. Some of them seem like they’ll die before they admit that trans women face more oppression than them.

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if it is about THAT SCENE, then wow, it’s HORRIBLY offensive and shitty writing and shitty everything. I don’t think I’ve cussed enough about THAT SCENE yet.

What’s even the point of them telling me they didn’t find that scene offensive? Like, okay, thanks for sharing what a wretched piece of shit you are. Were you honestly expecting me to agree with you? Like, did you really think that all it would take for me to not find that blatant rape scene offensive would be for some random asshole on anon telling me they disagree? I just don’t even.

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I don't think it's offensive at all.


I love that the most horrible people in the universe never show their faces until you turn on anon. (This is about that scene in Game of Thrones btw. Or at least it probably is since this person expects me to know what their vague statement is about and that’s the most recent thing I’ve talked about.

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young teens who already have their gender identity figured out are adorable like

you’re 13!! and you’re non-binary!! you’re so cute and im so happy for you!!

I didn’t even know I could be non-binary till I was 20. Ya’ll clearly have your lives together better than me.

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"That’s a lot of queer characters for one series."

I know, it’s almost like queer people hang out with each other because they understand each other’s struggles and find it easier to trust that other queer people won’t judge them.

Literally all of my friends are queer, even the one friend I’ve had since middle school before she even knew she was queer.

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What about queer actors playing straight characters?



straight representation doesn’t matter in the slightest, a porcupine could play a straight actor and it would not matter in the slightest

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Reading a short article by Stephen King about the horror genre and literally the first line is a knock on mentally ill people. Ha ha, go fuck yourself.

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I wasn’t the only one who felt like this shot was meaningful, right?  The camera practically lingers over a thoughtful Watson watching Iris Lanzer confess that Nell was very special to her.

I want to believe.  I want all these little things to be leading up to it, building up to Mary.  We get to see Joan on a series of failed dates with men, none with whom she can connect, nor figure out precisely why.  Joan explicitly says she doesn’t want a relationship and has to be prodded by Emily to date- first tricked into coffee with Aaron, then later guilted with the unsolicited gift of an online dating site membership.  Or even before any of that there was Ty: successful, handsome, charming Ty, friend of the family.  it doesn’t take much to read between the lines: he was good marrying material, according to her mother, and everybody thought they’d make a good pair.  So of course it made sense to say yes when he asked her out.  And they’ve managed to still be good friends afterward, because that sort of thing is easy to do when you were never really in love.

Her new life also keeps throwing stumbling blocks into her path …  Girls in T-shirts and underwear traipsing through the brownstone, or the hard-to-ignore sound of female moaning from Sherlock’s room.  A beautiful escort who tells her she thinks they could have some fun together with a wink and her card, which still remains inexplicably tucked in her wallet.  Sherlock jokes about Carrie as a failed Sapphic dalliance and no, it was never like that- so why does it irritate her more than any of the other stupid things he says?  And then there’s Moriarty, Moriarty with that painting, Moriarty coyly murmuring that Joan’s been on her mind.  It’s discomfiting because she’s in the cross-hairs of a sociopath, she tells herself.  No other reason.  Hell, even Ms. Hudson gets under her skin.  She’s just so inspiring to Joan, fearlessly living life as exactly who she is meant to be.

Joan and all these little dots she doesn’t, or refuses to, connect, even though they’re getting closer and closer.  Sleeping with Mycroft was to prove a point, to silence the voices in the back of her head, whether she admits it to herself or not.  And so we find her here now, as she watches Iris confess her love for Nell and feels almost wistful listening, even though she still won’t ask herself why.

When will Joan get to meet the woman who finally makes her realize what she’s been in denial about for so long?

Oh my gosh, why would you say this. Now I’m going to be heart broken when it turns out that isn’t what they were going for.

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cersei was raped in the book. she did not consent to what was happening. she said no, she hit jaime, he did not listen. she gave up, she did not consent.


Okay, yeah, I read the passage. I guess I was wrong about and a lot of the rape culture does come from the book. They still made it way more violent than it was in the book, but it was rape in the book too. Alex Graves is still shit though, since he didn’t even think his blatant rape scene was a rape scene.

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WOW. Alex Graves can fucking die in a god damned fire. Literally. I literally want him to die. 

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